Week Six of Stillness

Late this week because a fever unfurled after I took this photo. Vedic astrology, Kari Field says: change is the only constant, and in this eclipse window, it was a timely reminder that yes, change is the only thing we can truly count on.

This weekend – with the new moon – is the culmination for me of one year and the shift into the next. It’s also the move out of an intense month of introspection into what I need to know about myself to enable a sovereign poly experience.

It’s been an interesting journey that’s taken me right back to my core values around all relationships: agency, space, independence, freedom, belonging and pleasure.

I’ve been aided (and abetted?!) by incredible wisdom and insights from Cat, Rob, Nicole and Cecilia.

What are you ready to open the door to this week? Where does your heart deeply desire to go?

Stepping Into Your Power – Aquarius New Moon Spreads

Aquarius is the sign of individuality, originality, and rebellion. Ruled by the Change-God, Uranus, (known for electrified transits that mirror the Tower card in the tarot) avante-garde Aquarius’s motto is: I know. Aquarius’s fierce need for independence is balanced against its love of being surrounded by vast networks of people and friends. Aquarius energy thrives on new ideas, technology, S(s)pace, freedom, and infinite possibilities. In it’s highest octave, Aquarius is the energy of boundless intellectual explorations, progress, equality, humanitarianism, future-seeing, creative collaboration, synergistic connctions, fairness and revolution. In it lowest octave it is eccentric, temperamental, aloof, insensitive, guarded, irrational, desperate, erratic and detatched. One of Aquarius’s karmic lessons is to embrace a healthy sense of self to avoid becoming desert-dry and lonely from the separation within.

This new moon is a partial solar eclipse and opens a new six-month gateway of energetic potential. Intentions set this new moon have extra power to transmute situations and transform the self. The moon and sun will be conjunct Mercury (intellect/ideas/communication, and exalted in Aquarius) and the asteroid Juno (relating/compatibility/intimacy/nourishment), and in harmonious sextile to Uranus, adding extra electrical zap and intellectual chutzpah. Juno relates to our long-term, intimate relationships and how we nourish them into fulfilled longevity.

We are all being called to step into the light and our power. The problem is, for many of us power is negatively associated, and in that, not something we want to associate with, much less embrace and work with. We live in a time where abuses of power clog our social media channels. The first part of the spread is designed to explore and connect with the feminine and masculine expressions of our power, coupled with wisdom and compassion.

Card 1 The feminine expression of wisdom
Card 2 The masculine expression of wisdom
Card 3 The feminine expression of power
Card 4 The masculine expression of power
Card 5 The feminine expression of compassion
Card 6 The masculine expression of compassion
Card 7 An intention/blessing for your combined wisdom.
Card 8 A intention/blessing for your combined power
Card 9 A intention/blessing for your combined compassion

The second part of the spread looks at what amplifies or facilitates our combined capacity for power, compassion and wisdom, as well as what blocks or diminishes them.

Card 1 What diminishes/blocks the combined expression of compassion?
Card 2 What diminishes/blocks the combined expression of power?
Card 3 What diminishes/blocks the combined expression of wisdom?
Card 4 How to amplify/facilitate the combined expression of compassion?
Card 5 How to amplify/facilitate the combined expression of power?
Card 6 How to amplify/facilitate the combined expression of wisdom?

The full 7-page PDF worksheet can be downloaded Aquarius Power Compassion Wisdom. If posting your spreads to social media please use the hashtag #SoulLyrical

Waterbearer Image: RustyMermaid

Week 5 of the Return to Stillness

Week 5 of the Return to Stillness

It’s been five weeks since I recommitted to my morning stillness practice and it feels like I was never awake. I’m up and over the hump of two weeks sugar free. My energy has never felt better. My vibration clean and clear.

Last week I began a morning commune with my inner fire, which I inadvertently sparked/connected with, the weekend before during my moon time. It’s been an interesting week of surrender and more surrender to drop down into myself to connect with it. But woah, it’s been intense and incredible fuel for getting shit done on all planes of existence.

The eclipse was a huge let down, but in its non-event capacity (which included a rained out picnic!) the door swung wide open to somewhere I would not have gone if everything had been perfect. In the imperfect are our biggest lessons and our biggest potential growth if we’re open to it.

And so I find myself now, traversing incredible new terrain with a soul I couldn’t have imagined crossing paths with two weeks ago, who is opening doors and spaces within me in the most amazing of ways. I’m sitting in a space of silence, designed and executed by me, thats giving me the space to explore my core values around all relationships (when the lens pulls out into an even wider macro!). I’m sitting with the the knowledge I’m going to be a published co-author of a novel (and having found peace with that) excited about how that story will connect and change other people. There’s a need to heal and reconnect the divine feminine and masculine within me. And there’s tail ends of so many things that need to be completed and put away, so I can start a new year (and it’s bursting with goodness and it’s taking me all my patience not to dive in before the year of the Phoenix is properly closed out).

It feels like simultaneously swimming in the ongoing and incoming tides.

The next week, this liminal space between eclipses is going to be interesting but I’m reminding myself also, that I need to keep focused. There is a time for unraveling thinking and drifting to find answers, and a time to buckle down and get shit done.

Where do you find yourself today?

February Song Book

The February Songbook is a luscious 35 pages and includes a solar eclipse in Aquarius, as well as multiple New Years spreads and other resources to calibrate to and celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Revamped is the Abacus, the Gratitude Roll Call and the Dark Moon retrospective.

I’ve loved being able to keep track of my monthly soul growth with these pages, especially the ability to loop around and reflect on what was pulled and written earlier in the month. I hope you are finding it beneficial on your journey too.

The Lyrical Songbook – February

The Full Table of Contents

2         Creator’s note /Table of contents
3         February calendar
4         February cartomancy spread
5         February: energetic forecast/projects & ideas/manifestation focus
6         February review: cartomancy thoughts/projects & ideas/manifestation focus
7         February review cont: health and wellness: physical, mental, emotional & spiritual
8         Abacus of ….
9         Gratitude Roll Call
10       Dark Moon: doors spread
11       Dark Moon: retrospective
12       Aquarius new moon: wisdom and blessings spread
13       Aquarius new moon: intentions and quirks/observations
14       Aquarius Solar Eclipse spread: communication, relationship, wellness
15       Year of the Dog place holder page
16-19  Year of the Dog spread
20-23  Power and Passion spread
24-26  Saturn’s Magician spread
27       Month of Pisces: new stories of self spread
28       Month of Pisces: inspired actions
29       Month of Pisces: treasure hunt/end of month thoughts
30-34 Weekly pages: weekly card, three good things, wisdom net & self care
35      February daily card chart

Week 4 of the Return to Stillness

Week 4 of the Return to Stillness


This week marks the fourth week of my stillness practise and the second week without sugar (it’s day 11!) and I am absolutely feeling the benefit of both. I can see my inner fire and glow returning.


My nights has returned to something more akin to normal sleep, and while I was awake for an hour in the early hours this morning (a dream triggered off a tangent of thinking that really wouldn’t release and in the harsh light of day, it seems ridiculous where those thoughts went!) most nights I’m waking briefly, once, and returning to sleep. It makes such a big difference.


I’m reading about lucid dreaming, and while my sleep might be a while off being somewhere I might start to explore lucid dreaming, the combination of no sugar and more regular writing means my dreams are closer to the surface than they have been in a very long time and I’m enjoying them being there like they used to be. And on the upside, the lucid dreaming book has helped drop me into deeper states during meditation, which in themselves, have become a bit of an adventure.


It’s a super moon eclipse this week and I’m facing down more shadow work, this time regarding the doors within me I may have closed decades ago. It will be gentle-gentle, as there was absolutely a good reason the small, frightened child I was, shut those doors.


This week you can choose to close the doors to paths/feelings/thoughts/people/patterns that no longer serve you and your reason for being here. What one door would you close to enable others to open?

Saturn’s Magician Spread

Saturn’s Magician is a spread that transmutes Barbara Moore’s equation for magic in the Steampunk Tarot into the parameters of purpose-passion-possibility. It came after the Magician popped up everywhere in the last few weeks, prompting me to consider those parts of magic in my life, and how they might show up.

While created for the Capricorn New Moon in January 2018, it can be done any time in the next two and a half years as Saturn moves through his domain in Capricorn.

Edited to include the numerical sequence (thank you, Jessica!!)

1. Yellow: Insight for the year into purpose/passion/possibility

2. Dark Purple: How to express the masculine aspect in your life.

3. Light Purple: How to express the feminine aspect in your life.

4. Pale Tangerine: An intention to set for the coming year.

If you are posting your spread to Instagram, please tag @SoulLyrical or use the hashtag #soullyrical

Week 3 of the Return to Stillness

Last week I was upset at what I saw in my Monday morning photo. It took me a bit to work out what it was. There were plenty of kind comments about how great I looked (I didn’t say I looked terrible fishing for comments) I said I looked terrible because – that’s how I felt.

It took a bit to unpick what was beneath it.

A few days later I knew what it was. I had lost my glow. I couldn’t see the inner fire and that very much aligned with how I was feeling. My meditation practise felt different. Heavy wrong. I couldn’t work out why. What was the problem.

The more I looked at myself in the mirror, really looked, the harder it came to deny what I was seeing. I looked like a woman who was poisoned. Puffy. And poisoned.

I have know for weeks that I needed to give up sugar. It took Monday morning’s shot to hammer home to me, how much I needed it. The toll that the three and a bit months back on sugar had had alongside the other things I’d been struggling with.

Ironically, sugar is seen as a source of heat in TCM. All I can see here is ashes of the fire that burned within me last year. The good kind of burn.

So this is me, on the morning of my fourth day sugar free. In search of stillness — it turns out — is also priority return to food kinder and gentler to my body.

What are you willing to give up this week, to be kinder and gentler to yourself?

When I first started getting up at the crack of dawn last year, as part of my early morning ritual, I took a selfie, as I looked, on a Monday morning as the sun comes up. Hair as is. Still in my PJs. Raw and uncut.

I did so, in part as a celebration of dragging myself out of bed that early (because for the first month it was excruciating), in part a reflection of the week that had gone and what was to come, and in part a call to arms for a simple change in the coming week.

Over time the photographs tracked the rise and fall and rise again of life. Looking through old ones in the past month, what was noticeable was the recognition of the spark within me. This week I’m on the second half of a social media, thus I’be posted here to continue the tradition, along with previous weeks’ posts from Instagram.

Links to previous weeks are here:

Week One

Week Two

Week 2 of the Return to Stillness

First thought was: I look like crap (and no amount of change in angle or setting helped!) I’m vibing the dark moon energy, the end of a rough three and a bit months. This is the tide running all the way out.

And so it is.

The next few days is big shadow work, big release work. Going in and acknowledging all the baggage I am carrying (still) since August 2015, plus whatever has accumulated more recently.

I’ve done massive work, clearing and healing, since the eclipses of August 2017, and this week is about clearing whatever debris, old attachments, patterns of thinking and feeling, and anything else not resonate or for my highest joy, ahead of the next lunar month which is all about putting down the foundation for my new year, beginning mid-Feb.

What are you ready to let go of in the next few days? It is time, regardless of what your ego, or monkey mind, or fear is telling you.

Week 1 of the Return to Stillness

It’s been months since I took an early Monday morning selfie as part of my stillness practice.

The weeks between New Years, this year, are not just about finishing off neglected projects and tasks, but returning to the soul-nourishing activities which have fallen by the wayside. Some because of the loss of my space. Some due to insomnia. And others fell like dominoes because of those that had already fallen.

This week is about getting my morning stillness practice back on its feet. Enjoying being up early, seeing the sunrise, reading, meditating and journaling.

What are you reclaiming this week? Or what could you choose to reclaim? One small thing starts a r/evolution. Gets the wheel of momentum moving.