We are shaped by the stories we tell and the stories we hear. Those stories have the power to define who we are and the reality we live in. We have the capacity to write these stories, our personal narratives, in empowering ways to reflect who we want to be and the lives we desire to live. Our readings are designed to help you create a map to navigate your way .

All our readings are:

  • real-time, face-to-face sessions either in person in Brisbane–at your preferred location–or via Skype. (We do not do written readings).
  • invitations to participate in a dialogue. (Our readings are not monologues. We tire of the sounds of our voice.)
  • precursors to actional ‘homework’ which turn our conversation into an manifestation action plan. (We do not want you to walk away asking yourself, what the hell do I do next?)

**Before booking a reading please peruse our Code of Ethics page.**

The Compass
$75 for 90 mins

An in-depth, 18 card spread that looks at the intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of your life, expanding from four compass points and then funneling down into a single focus for action. This spread functions a little like a choose-your-own-adventure novel, allowing the client to choose where they start and the direction they take, giving them the ultimate power in shaping the reading.

The UnStuck
$75 for 90 minutes

An in-depth, 15 card spread designed to shine a light into an area of your life you feel stuck in or overwhelmed by. Together we explore an old story that is potentially holding you back then a new story you can embrace to move forward. The reading is designed to also explore a pivotal area that becomes apparent as the reading unfolds.

Meet Your Money Muse
$50 for 60 minutes

Our signature reading aims to introduce you to a new personification of money as a stepping stone to building a new empowered and abundant relationship with it. You will be asked to complete three questions prior to our session regarding your existing attitude, feelings and stories around money.

Solstice Spread
$50 for 60 minutes

An 11 card spread drawing on the energy of the solstice, looking at the old story you are stuck in then finding a new story to move inwardly or outwardly (depending on your hemisphere). Please note this reading is only available June and December between 18th and 22nd.

Lunar Spreads
$50 for 60 minutes

Choose any of the free lunar spreads as the basis for your reading. New spreads are added each fortnight. Themes include: self care, status and power, where you are on your journey, authenticity.

Bespoke Spread
$50 for 60 minutes

A designed-for-you spread to explore an issue or question you have. Questions must be submitted a minimum of three days before the reading.