The Lyrical Round

The Lyrical Round is a virtual cartomancy circle – that is, a facilitated, interactive online group – for personal exploration and soul development using tarot and oracle cards. It is based in the philosophy that we grow when we make the choice to engage with change and that power of change is amplified when we join with others in that change.

The Lyrical Round uses tarot and oracles cards to focus broadly on four areas to help seed and bring to fruition a new story or self. The four areas are:

  • empowerment through introspection.
  • the transformative and healing potential of cartomancy.
  • developing and honing skills in sending, receiving and decoding messages.
  • engaging with each others, different aspects of ourselves and divine guidance for growth.

The Nuts and Bolts

Tarot and oracle have the capacity to act as compass, map and Lonely Planet Guide to the Soul on the journey of life. They are always close to hand and non-judgemental when we seek guidance.

The Lyrical Round includes:

  • Six-month access to the secret Facebook group, which will be the hub for the dissemination of resources and the platform for all discussion/interaction. This is the heart of all our learning and sharing.
  • An individualised single-card major arcana reading for each group member to act as a catalyst for simple intention setting at the beginning of the round.
  • Six new and full moon spreads (Capricorn – Aries new moons; Cancer – Libra full moons)
  • An equinox spread.
  • A solstice spread.
  • Additional spreads where applicable to reflect the prevailing astrology or tailored to meet the group’s emerging needs/focus (during the inaugural Round these included spreads dealing with anxiety and transformation).
  • A daily card challenge in February.
  • Create an oracle deck in April.
  • Cartomancy skill classes  and Q&A throughout.
  • Monthly treasure hunts.

Check out the FAQS page and if you have any other questions please get in contact at info(at)soullyrical(dot)com.

Dates, Pricing and Registration Details

The circle will run from the December Solstice (Friday 22nd) to the June solstice (Thursday 21st). Places are limited.

Your investment is $150* for the six months, payable in either a single payment or in two installments of $75.

For enrollment information please email info(at)soullyrical(dot)com