General Readings

We offer a number of general readings ranging from 45 mins to 90 mins.


Seven-card spread
45 mins $60
60 mins $80
90 mins $120

Originally designed for the write:create series of readings, this is also a beautiful general spread which looks at four areas – either the standard head-heart-body-soul matrix – or a customised version. In addition to looking at the four areas of focus it also tracks where an individual enters the reading, a consolidation card, and where the individual exists.

All readings come with suggestions for inspired action to ground the wisdom and insights of the reading into practical application.


11-card or 14-card spread
90 minutes
Investment: $120

The Unstuck spread is designed to unearth and shift an unseen story which is blocking an individual’s ability and capacity to thrive. It looks into the heart of an old story and the ways it which it manifests in life and then invites in a new story. The lines look at the mental-emotional-practical matrix with the option of adding cards for a spiritual focus as well.

The spread comes with a bonus line of cards which are connected to a related, but not immediately apparent/relevant, part of the old or new stories. This has been used to powerful effect by several clients who have been stuck and blocked during job hunting.


Seventeen-card spread
60 minutes $80
90 minutes $120

The Compass Spread is the most popular of our spreads and the Soul Lyrical go-to when an individual isn’t quite sure what they are looking for. It explores the head-heart-body-soul matrix in an in-depth fashion, looking at stories, circumstances, beliefs and relationships which are relevant to the individual at the time of reading, specifically looking for challenges, blockages, obstacles and stagnation.

The complex spread moves inward to a final card which consolidates the reading.

This spread is perfect for solar returns or new years readings.