Write:Create Readings

These readings combine more than three decades of experience as a writer and a decade of editing and publishing experience with the transformative power of cartomancy. I offer two options for the write:create  readings: heart-to-heart and intersection. Bookings can be made using the form below.

All write:create readings are designed for:

💫 Creatives looking to kick-start a new project or reignite an old project.

💫 Writers who are seeking an alternative understanding of their story including plot and character, with particular focus on the unseen/unrevealed to-date.

💫 Creatives seeking to realign with their truth around creating or the heart of their project/WIP.

💫 Creatives who want to reprioritise creativity again.

💫 Creatives who want to explore their relationship and blocks with creativity, abundance, money, fair compensation and meaningful work.

💫 Anyone who is looking to hack their blocks to start/continue/complete a project.

💫 Creatives who want a different perspective on partnership, commitment, success and achieving short/medium/long term goals.

💫 Creatives who would like to return to the heart of their project and become realigned with its core motivation, intent and desire.

💫 Creatives who would like to return to the heart of their creativity to remember and reignite their desire, motivation, intentions, dreams, visions and core values around creating.

💫 Creatives who want to hack the blocks of their current project/WIP to create ease and flow.


Seven-card spread
45 mins $60
60 mins $80
90 mins $120

This spread looks at where your energy sits as a creative or around a particular project, and then slowly unfolds different elements of it around a core theme. It offers insights into the energycircumstances at which the individual enters the reading and invites a new energy/circumstances in which to exit from it.

This spread is fully customisable, in that you can bring four particular aspects/focal points of your story to the reading.

Alternatively the spread can be done as an exploration of the four planes (intellectual/emotional/physical/spiritual) as relevant to the project or person. This spread is also versatile in layering the self over the top of a project, or a character over the elements of the particular project/book series.


Thirteen card spread
90 mins

This spread looks at the intersection of the creative life with a particular project – where the entanglement of beliefs, intent, motivation and execution create flow or stagnation, joy or frustration, where fear and experience collide or energise. The spread explores where obstacles present and work toward inspired action to create momentum, self confidence, excitement and engagement. It is a broad brushstrokes spread which works toward a single card that consolidates the reading and provides insight for what to do next.

It is full customisable as to what each of the arms of the spread can explore. This spread works well for people who create in multiple mediums or multiple platforms (particularly good for soulful creatives who write until multiple pen names/identities) who are looking for an integrated understanding or a seamless energy to work within.

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