The Daily Breath

Late last year, I discovered that beginning my day with a cut-up poem was the perfect kind of stillness for me. A stillness that ignited my creativity and verve for the day ahead. A stillness that grounded me in action. It is a daily practice beautifully encapsulated by @flowingrooted’s hashtag #tinydailysomething. With more than 200 daily poems built in 2018, I decided 2019 was the year to push the boundaries further – to transform cut-up poetry from a survival act of creativity into a daily act of creative thriving.

The Daily Breath was born of this (and liberal doses of serendipity) as a poem a day for a year project, birthed as:

  • an invitation to turn up for myself every day
  • an opportunity to open myself wider and to explore deeper, than I ever have before
  • a way to create something exclusively for those drawn to my work
  • as an avenue to keep creating and connecting beyond the web of social media


Peace is found in the space between the in breath and the out. The Daily Breath (tDB) is a poetic rendering of this space.

Comprised of 353 poems, built daily, tDB will be constructed as a series of 12 chapters aligning with the lunar months of the Year of the Pig. Some chapters will be digital, the majority will be analogue.


I have lined up some of my favourite authors to remix via The Daily Breath including Jeanette Winterson, Italo Calvino, Julia Cameron, Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes and Tim Winton, while experimenting for the first time with Angel Carter, Henry David Thoreau, Patti Smith and Proust. The poems will be paired with the photography of Rus VanWestervelt, Daniel Ritter and Emily Craven, along with pre-printed Marimekko and William Morris post cards, the surrealist artwork of Remedios Varo and a cornucopia of other visual delights.

SCHEDULE (The first four months)

Aquarius lunar month (5 Feb – 6 Mar)
A Night with Remedios
Words from Angela Carter’s Night at the Circus, artwork by Remedios Varo

Pisces lunar month (7 Mar – 4 Apr)
Memories of Walden
Words from Henry David Thoreau’s Walden, photography by Rus VanWestervelt
Analogue – standard postcard size

Aries lunar month (5 Apr – 4 May)
Begin, Again
Words from Italo Calvino’s Six Memos for the new Millennium, origami paper
Analogue – 10cm squares

Taurus lunar month (4 May – 3 June)
Written on the Body
Words from Jeanette Winterson’s Written on the Body, artwork from Grey’s Anatomy
Analogue – standard postcard size


The Daily Breath is an exclusive poetry open only, via subscription, to 28 people. Poems will be published to email or a private Whatsapp group chat every morning by 9am AEST, for 353 days (the lunar year is slightly shorter than the solar one). No poems will be shared via social media.

Analogue poems will be posted out every three months.

Each monthly investment will gift the recipient:

  • an exclusive daily poem every day for the lunar year.
  • an invitation each month to shape the poetry via page nomination.
  • a poem each month assigned as a personal oracle message – in a similar vein to Beauty by Oracle.


1 month $11

2 months $20

3 months $27


JODI CLEGHORN is a cut-up poet, whose digital and analogue projects include Beauty by Oracle (2018), The Red Thread of Fate (2018), The Metamorphosis of The Time Traveller’s Wife (2017), Get in Trouble (2017) and Postcardia-cum-Poetica (2016-current). Like tarot, she sees each poem as an invitation to open a door and step into a new moment of the soul’s journey.

A Night with Remedios #7 (Jodi Cleghorn)
Source Text: Nights at the Circus (Angela Carter)
Painting: Female Spirit of the Night (Remedios Varo)