The Daily Breath

Peace is found in the space between the in and out breath.
The Daily Breath (tDB) is a poetic rendering of this.

📸 Cath Evans 📚 The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum


The Daily Breath is available for the first time as a purely digital subscription, to celebrate and honour the final two chapters of this project.

Digital subscribers get the daily digital poem and any channeled message which comes through. The digital subscriptions do not include the personalised physical poem of the full subscriptions (which are no longer available).

Digital Only Subscription – 1 month, $10

If you are an Australian resident and would like to make a direct debit email us direct.

If you would like to make an international transfer we use Transferwire.

The Daily Breath is a daily poetry offering combining words, images and magick to invoke joy, beauty and revelation.

Poems are constructed using the cut-up method of poetry and are glued to handmade postcards.

The 2020 project runs on a solar/astrological calendar. Each month is referred to as a chapter.

Each chapter consists of 30-31 physical poems, delivered daily via email or WhatsApp as a digital copy. Chapters are built from a nominated text paired with a visual concept that harnesses one or two themes from the astrological month.

Hello, Marcy!

Poems are created for a subscriber each day using the highly technical prowess of ‘Marcy’ — my random-dip coffee mug that holds all the subscribers’ names. This is the magick of creating for one person in the spirit of all.

The post out of the poem/s happens at the end of the nominated pay cycle.

Subscriptions are offered as single, bi- and tri-monthly payments. Subscriptions are limited to 28/month.


The Daily Breath poems…

  • support the practise of returning to centre and self; they invite you to stop, put yourself first and tend unapologetically to you in the moment;
  • anchor boundless joy and synchronistic wisdom as a daily beat and breath;
  • embrace the intersection between beauty, poetry, magick and sacredness — and inspire that intersection in every soul who reads them;
  • magnetise and flow joy, hope, peace, calm, harmony and serendipity;
  • amplify the meaningful relationship between words and picture and the resonant place they open in you each day;
  • build a bridge between the known and unknown, in your heart and soul along the beautiful edges of possibility.


Cancer solar month (21st June – 21st July)
Home on the Other Side
‘Anne of Green Gables’ by Lucy Maud Montgomery
Analogue, Marimekko postcards by Chronicle Books

Leo solar month (22nd July – 21st August)
Keep Your Face to the Sun
‘The Wizard of Oz’ by L. Frank Baum
Sunrise/set  photographs by Catherine Evans and Rus VanWestervelt
Analogue, large postcard

Virgo solar month (22nd August – 21st September)
Creativity by Oracle
‘Women Who Run With the Wolves’ by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
British paint colour swatch cards

Previous Months

Ramiro Pianarosa via UnSplash/ Frankenstein by Mary Shelley/ Jodi Cleghorn

Aries solar month (20th March – 19th April)
Spark and Essence: a poetic miscellanea of beginnings
‘Frankenstein’ by Mary Shelley
Lightning photographs curated from UnSplash
Large postcard








Taurus solar month (20th April – 20th May)
Wholly Unfolding: poetry for blooming in rough terrain
Text to be confirmed
Nature photographs by Emma Lily (Australia-based)
10×10 squares

Gemini solar month (21st May – 20th June)
Shades of paradox: poetic renderings on inner multitudes
Art and Lies
Multiple reflection photographs by Kaolin Fire (US-based)
Analogue – rectangular with lift-up  photo



In late 2018, I discovered that beginning my day with a cut-up poem was the perfect kind of stillness for me. A stillness that ignited my creativity and verve for the day ahead. A stillness that grounded me in action. The Daily Breath was born from this (and liberal doses of serendipity) as a poem a day for a year project, birthed as:

  • an invitation to turn up for myself every day
  • an opportunity to open myself wider and to explore deeper, than I ever have before
  • a way to create something exclusively for those drawn to my work
  • as an avenue to keep creating and connecting beyond the web of social media

I created for 354 consecutive days, building more than 400 poems in that time.

This year is an invitation to take it even deeper; if last year was a fuck you to everything that wanted to come between me and creating, this year is a whole-hearted surrender into creativity as my internal flame: sacred, ever bright and desiring to be shared.


JODI CLEGHORN is an author, cut-up poet and tarot reader whose digital and analogue projects include Beauty by Oracle (2018), The Red Thread of Fate (2018), The Metamorphosis of The Time Traveller’s Wife (2017), Get in Trouble (2017) and Postcardia-cum-Poetica (2016-current) and The Daily Breath (2019). Like tarot, she sees each poem as an invitation to open a door and step into a new moment of the soul’s journey.