The Songbook


Songbook Graphic General 2019Every month I share a cartomancy inspired journal full of spreads and space to explore, track and curate your journey. The journal covers lunar, solar, astrological calendars, monthly and weekly calendars, with additional content each month.

As of 2019 the Songbook is a $9/month investment available as an a la carte download or as a subscription* (the Songbook will be emailed directly to you before it is publicly released).

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2         Creator’s note /Table of contents
3          February calendar
4          February cartomancy spread
5          February: energetic forecast/projects & ideas/trajectory focus
6          February review: cartomancy thoughts – projects & ideas
7          February review: personal trajectory – physical health & wellbeing
8          February review: emotional and mental health & wellbeing
9          February review: spiritual health & wellbeing
10        Abacus
11        Gratitude Roll
12        Dark Moon: retrospective
13        Dark Moon: doors spread
14        Aquarius new moon: wisdom and blessings spread
15        Aquarius new moon spread
16        Seeds of inspired action
17        Month of Pisces: new stories spread
18        Month of Pisces: inspired actions/end of month thoughts
19        Virgo full moon: wisdom and gratitude spread
20        Virgo full moon spread
21-24   Year of the Pig Spread
25        Year of the Pig Overview
26-28   The Terroir Spread
29-30   The Issues Spread (revised)
31-33   Unpicking the Narrative Spread
34-35   Five Point General Spread
36-39   Weekly Pages
40        Daily Cards Overview

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*Note that existing subscribers will be given a discount on The Daily Breath – a daily poetry subscription due for release in early February and are invited to join a private Facebook group.

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