The Soul Lyrical Weekly Song #1

Each week I do a live broadcast on Facebook based on a custom built cut-up poem and two tarot cards. This is the condensed notes from that discussion on the insight and suggestions for the week ahead. The original poem is available for purchase here for $15 including postage.

The Poem

Source Text: Let Me Sing You Gentle Songs (Linda Olsson)

The opening line speaks to the density of our experience. We are the forest and what we have been through is so weighty, so overwhelming, that we can feel like we cannot find the path in us or through us.

What final stanza suggests a warping of expectations, thought patterns and hope to assume an indefinite dark night of the soul – to demonise a path of simplicity, lit and clearly cut, as one littered with obstacles and devastation?

Where does the poem speak directly to your experience?


Death is the card of organic endings, of cycles begetting cycles. It is not the Tower card that brings unexpected and often catastrophic change, Death is a known, and anticipated conclusion to something.

Death here, as depicted by the phoenix, speaks to the relentless intensity of the evolution we have all been going through and the transition point which leaves us feeling as though we are incapable of continuing on. (For me it’s been more than three years, with each year becoming more overwhelming. It may be a shorter or longer time for you.)

In birth the ‘I can’t do this’ signals transition and the cusp of a shift in energy toward bringing something tangible forth and out of chaotic intensity.

If you feel as though you’ve been carrying anything that no longer serves you, if you feel as though you’ve been lugging about ‘bags of deadness’ this week is an invitation to drop it and leave it behind.

This baggage may have connections to anger or grief. The baggage may be connected to other emotions. Whatever it is, this is baggage you are sick-to-death of carrying with you.

What is death calling you in to take a closer look at? What have you been denying is ending, or needs to end? What are you willing to let go of this week with certainty and compassion? What are you still holding onto that is not in alignment. That is not in your highest good.

The Sun

The Sun is the energy of the Self in its highest illumination. In its greatest alignment. It is a symbol of life and growth.

This week, The Sun speaks to an invitation to grow toward something new. Something of your choosing. Something which brings light, joy and illumination. What you want to grow toward does not have to be a major achievement. Or something momentous. It doesn’t have to be your soul purpose or mission (though it can be if you want it it be all of these).

It can be something as simple as a new commitment to yourself. It could be for more joy. Or less drama. More stability. Greater peace.

With the Sun and Uranus meeting in Taurus, and Venus and Chiron meeting in Aries, it’s a perfect week to consider your core values as something to commit to.

What core value could you choose to grow toward as an inside job and then as a navigation beacon beyond? What are you willing to open to, to allow yourself to put down roots for — just for you? For the place inside that desires nurturing only you are able to provide?

Poem Songlist (from random shuffle while building the poem)

Via Spotify
Let’s Dance – David Bowie
Tainted Love – Soft Cell
China Girl – David Bowie
Good Thing – Fine Young Cannibals
Don’t Dream It’s Over – Crowded House
Drive – The Cars
Everything Little Things She Does Is Magic – The Police
End of the Line – The Traveling Wilberries
Call Me – Blondie
Higher Love – Steve Windwood

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