The Soul Lyrical Weekly Song #2

Each week I do a live broadcast on Facebook based on a custom built cut-up poem and two tarot cards. This is the condensed notes from that transmission for the week beginning Monday 29th April. The original poem is available for purchase here for $15 including postage.


Source Text: Running Backward Over Sand, Stephanie Dowrick

The poem speaks to the wounding of the divine masculine. The ‘he’ of the opening line is the he in all of us, regardless of what gender we embody or identify with.

Each of us carries the energy of the feminine and masculine within. It is our birth right to experience both in harmony with each other, yet for most individuals living on earth at the moment, that has not been our lived experience, though many are becoming aware and working toward healing the wounding in each part of their energy.

The poem is an invitation to listen to where the divine masculine cries out, where it shouts and screams; where it weeps. This is the road map into the wounding.

The divine masculine within many of us is trapped, anxious or repulsed by what it has become and this week is as good as any to have the discussion around these places, either by journaling, pulling cards (I’ve created a Whole of Me: Divine Masculine spread), in seeking spiritual guidance or opening to honest conversations with others.

If you take the time this week to listen, to feel, to see… what wounds reveal themselves within you? Or within the Collective? Are you ready to step up to play a role as a healer? To embrace and love the Divine Masculine within? Where are you still buying into outdated discussions, beliefs or patterns of control?


This was not a surprise to see, given the strong sense as the poem built itself that it was  speaking to/of the Divine Masculine.

The Lovers carries the energy of divine unity and integration of the masculine and feminine, in relationship to each other within us and in how we engage with others.

It is also the card of choice and in concert with the poem it speaks to the choices we have made, the choices others have made, and the choices we make in the future to bring these two energetic aspects of ourselves into harmony… or to continue with separation and duality to push them further apart.

If we do not have the choice to heal, because not everyone has the privilege of that right now, we can choose to acknowledge and witness it.

How have you experienced unity and inner harmony of the divine masculine and feminine? Or have you seen it experienced in others. Are you making choices to move toward unity, or are you investing in dis-unity and duality? Are you able to give yourself permission to love all parts of yourself, regardless of how you feel about them, and to sit in the culpability of their past actions?


Again, this was not surprise to see.

The Devil speaks not only to the places where we have given away our power, but to the places where power has been taken from us. In aspect to the poem, it speaks to the ways in which disunity presents as seductive or disruptive patterns, situations, habits or addictions.

The Devil dances with your heart in his hands…if you choose for this to be the case. This is making love with pain. The interesting thing about the Devil card is always to remember the prison is not one with a door. It is a prison created from air, but one built of the disempowerment inherent in shame and  despair.

Where are you attached to unhealthy patterns of thinking, relating or behaving that wound your divine masculine? That keeps the small boy within, scared and silent? How do you disempower the divine masculine in others? How do you allow others to disempower it in you?


Last week, the first card pulled with the Death card, rendered as the phoenix in the Shadowscapes Tarot. The phoenix appears in this week’s poem reminding us that we are a continuity of experience and we are rising. We are always rising. It is also a reminder, in relation to the poem, that we can sit both with joy and despair — there is room for both in our transitions, our transformations, shifts and future directions.

POEM SONGLIST (from random shuffle while building)

Leaving Home – Jebediah
Play With Fire – Vance Joy
Painless – Baby Animals
Scar – Missy Higgins
Better Days – Pete Murray
Tip of my Tongue – Diesl
Before Too Long – Paul Kelly
Bittersweet – Hoodoo Gurus

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