Poetry and Tarot Transmission for the Week Starting June 3rd

Each week I do a live broadcast on Facebook based on a custom built cut-up poem and two tarot cards. This is the condensed notes from the week’s transmission for the week beginning Monday 3rd June. The original poem is from download this week – please feel free to share widely (poem details at the end).

The poem began with a fragment cut from Thich Nhat Hanh’s Being Peace. The text that followed didn’t feel big enough to incorporate all that wanted to come through – especially as Helen Butler and I had been talking to and exploring this very theme less than an hour earlier. Last week I found myself also writing to this theme as part of my work at The JAR Collective.

The poem acknowledges all the different versions of self we walk the world in/as according to who we interact with, the expectations of those we interact with and our desire to be accepted and included. All, some or none of these can reflect who we truly identify as ‘Me’. It could be that once we knew exactly who we were but over time this was eroded. Or we might have changed dramatically who we are compared with who we used to be. But there is very often a core thread, cord or fire that burns deep down and across time (or times).

I feel as though the space between myself and what I do is rapidly closing and I can see a time when there is just Me. The deeply insightful Helen shared the metaphor of self as a precious jewel with multiple facets cut and polished over time. I love this, as it speaks to wholeness as a constant (a default if you want) and different aspects of that whole hold or reflect the light as need be.


The suit of swords is the suit of air – of beliefs, thinking, mental patterns, stories and brain chemistry. Not surprising given the Gemini energy at the moment and pending a Gemini full moon.

I consider the Queen of Swords to be the bad-bitch of the tarot Queens and I adore her. She takes no shit, sees things clearly, speaks her truth, is fierce about her boundaries and holds space for herself like no other.

Paired with the poem she is an invitation to dive deep into yourself for the Truth of Who You Are and the truth of Who You Want to Be… how you want to show up in the world.

She has the capacity to hold a big space – to be a bigger container than you think she’s capable of (we have a capacity to play small with ourselves even in these deeply intimate and private places within). Open the space within and sit with yourself, in non-judgement, in radical neutrality and slowly go through what you find. Allow it to be gentle and illuminating, the Queen has much she wants you to know about yourself. This can be done in meditation or journaling. It can be done through cards or simply by asking for signs via the radio or a random play list. Go where she takes you. You can trust this energy will no lead you astray, not take the circuitous route to where she’s going.

This week also feels like a wonderful one to also do past life healing, or soul retrieval work. The Queen’s butterflies represent the energetic cords and threads which bind us to other lives, and other selves, which we have the capacity to reconnect with, heal and release, or heal and integrate with.


The Knight is the fastest moving of all the energies in the tarot. This says – if you call these lost parts in, if you ask for questions on how you can be truer to yourself and to stand brighter, fiercer and taller in your truth, be prepared for an answer or insight, and for it to arrive post haste. Also be prepared for what happens next, because this is not energy that wants to stop around for tea and biscuits and long chats. Change whistles along in the Knight’s wake.

It’s important to know, the Knight also moves out into the world armoured with belief in himself and his truth. This can mean he rubs people up the wrong way – either in false beliefs of self, or in ungraceful use of honesty. The flip side of this is, with inner work, self awareness and alignment, he moves into the world emboldened by his self belief and comfortable in his truth, without needing to be right, to be accepted by people who don’t really care about him or bend himself to make others feel okay. When the Knight and the Queen sit in their truth they by virtue of presence invite others to also sit in their truth.

  • What one thing could you do this week to step unapologetically into your truth. To move closer to be a Whole of You self, rather than a fragmented, diluted or discordant Self.
  • A simple intention expressed this week to know yourself better is  simple, deep and powerful – especially paired with the Gemini new moon energy.
  • And where do you see the aspects of Self slowly coming together. What holds those aspects together in harmony and congruence? What magnetising them. Amplifies them.
  • Where do you argue with people based on ‘truth’ and the need to be right? Does this move you closer into alignment with your Higher Self or further away. Or who in your midst does this? How does this make you feel? Is this a dynamic you need to be part of?

Have a wonderful week of intrepid exploration or gentle knowing and I’ll see you next week. Please feel free to download and share the poem.

Source Text: Being Peace by Thich Nhat Hanh
Poem : Jodi Cleghorn of Soul Lyrical (with extension by Jodi Cleghorn)
Artwork: Adam Guan via Brush Dance calendars

The Facebook Live transmission is available here. This written pieces serves as an adjunct and extension of this.

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