The Daily Breath: Chapter 6 Released

I will be honest, I am terrified of the ocean. I get sea sick. I wont venture into the water unless it’s in a bay and there are no waves. But I am also utterly fascinated with it. My most favourite place in the world is walking on the beach, appreciating where the land meets the sea, and where the sea meets the sky, and the fact that is in an ever changing relationship. As a teenager I would go to the beach in winter, in a billion layers of clothing, and walk for hours up its deserted and empty quietness (which honestly, was less quiet than I remember, especially on the days when the surf was running high). I loved the fact I was basically alone. My thoughts stilled. There was an unusual peace to it all. I relished the melancholy of it all. To me nothing personifies my natal Saturn better (retrograde at 1 degree cancer in the tail end of the 3rd house).

Many year later, I would find myself walking up and down the beach near where my mum lives and discover that to walk on the beach was to walk with my soul. So I am thrilled to combine this deep love and appreciate of the ocean and the beach for an entire month with The Daily Breath.


Chapter 6 is entitled Breath and draws on Tim Winton’s novel Breath. The poems are paired with Catherine Evan*’s beautiful ocean scenes. The chapter begins Wednesday 3rd of July and runs until 31st. I am back to analogue poem cards this month and these are beautiful large ones. All are handmade from recycled cardboard, backed and numbered.

Below is the test poem for the chapter. And below it mini subscription options for anyone wanting to jump in and experience salt and sand and water rendered in ink, paper and paste for a month, along with my own brand of oracle offerings.

We often don’t see the first course correction for what it is because it makes sense at the time. Just one small tweak, one small deference to a situation we’re not happy with, but it feels like a necessary evil at the time, you still remember your north bearing. And at some point you realise you have course corrected so far that you no longer remember where you were trying to navigate for. You discover you are treading water in the middle of the ocean, having lost everything and forgotten that there was anything better.

None of us are called here to live with our head barely above the water. You’re being called to the beach where you’ve been yearning to come ashore at. Where you were originally heading before you forgot. There is no easy way, but its the only way home now to yourself.

Join the Daily Breath with mini subscription offers:

1 month $11

2 months $20

3 months $27

*As it turns out, ‘Breath’ is Cath’s favourite novel. I love when serendipity like this happens.

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