Code of Ethics

Before booking a reading, please consider the following conditions.

Fortunes and Futures
My readings are not designed to tell the future or to give insights into where your might find your fortune. The information is in no way considered predetermined nor does it extinguish your free will. All readings are designed to delve deep into you and are a tool of reflection and reframing. With this time mind, I consider tarot to be more akin to weather forecasting – what you choose to do (or not do) with the information is totally at your discretion. Readings with me are deep soul work

Privacy and Confidentiality
Confidentiality is my highest priority, because the more willing you are to trust me, the deeper we are able to go in a readings. Anything we discuss goes no further than my kitchen table (literal or otherwise). For this reason, I do not record sessions, as I do not want the responsibility of safe storage of your private information. If you wish to record the session, and have the tech and skills to make it happen, I am more than happy for you to do so on the understanding it is only ever for personal, private use.

Only for You
Clients may only seek information and insight as pertains to themselves and their journey. All readings are geared toward personal empowerment, and as such, are not suited to questions regarding third persons.

For Your Highest Good
Some of what I share with you will be channeled information, though there is no distinction in my head between what is mine and what is incoming from beyond. For this reason I like all my clients to know that whatever I say is for your highest good, even if at the time it feels confronting. I always endeavour to deliver information in a gentle and mindful way whilst honouring my position as a conduit.