February’s Re-Authored Life Journal Pages

Hello, and welcome to the cusp of a new month.

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From the creator’s notes:

January has been a tough month for me. In true ‘year between year’ style it has brought into sharp and uncomfortable focus many things: the manic type swings my creativity goes through; what it feels like to live with an opened heart channel; how to navigate the truth of panic attacks; where my life is in transition (hello, cusp of croning); generally what is in/out of alignment; the types of communities and groups of women I want to belong to and play with; and another process of cocooning and letting go–or as my dear friend Christina has said: being in the part of the metamorphosis process where you eat yourself.

As new opportunities have blossomed, exploded and required clearing away and rethinking, I’ve attempted to be both open-minded and grateful about how the alignment and congruency of these experiences are test drives for greater clarity about what I want. In writer lingo: I have been getting massive opportunites to beta read and gather useful data on the new stories I am trying to write in life and more importantly, in business.

The biggest challenge over the last year has been around boundaries. I have always said that I struggle first and foremost with enforcing boundaries with myself. In the last year this has been about shedding the need for ‘over-generosity’ (and the complusive need to say ‘yes’) which was to do with amassing evidence to counter the inner story I had that “I am a bad person”. Heads up: we are not bad people; more likely we are the black sheeps of our family, the truthtellers and the mirrors that bring people into conflict with themselves–we are just the messengers they want to shut up by shooting.

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