The Songbook


Songbook Graphic General 2019Every month I share a cartomancy inspired journal full of spreads and space to explore, track and curate your journey. The journal covers lunar, solar, astrological calendars, monthly and weekly calendars, with additional content each month.

It is available as a $9/month investment available as an a la carte download or as a subscription* (the Songbook will be emailed directly to you before it is publicly released).

The Songbook is delivered monthly as a core journal of calendar, lunar and solar month spreads and associated journaling spaces, with supplementary stand-alone spreads relevant to the prevailing astrology shared across the month.

From January 2020 onward, the Songbook will be a yearly resource.

Purchase December’s Songbook for A$9.00 here

Download one of the previous Songbooks for free.

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